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Though from the chaparral north of Phoenix, Arizona, I have spent most of my time elsewhere. Starting with music, history and philosophy at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, I began Sanskrit studies whilst at Wadham College, Oxford. I went on to a Fulbright grant at the Centre for Social Science Research in Calcutta and completed a PhD in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. My dissertation, Principles and Development of the Brahmanical Sutra Genre (2005) examined the foundations of ancient Indian science and intellectual culture.

My main interests involve relations between spirituality, the life of the mind, space, tongue, self and home. This encompasses the discourse between aesthetics and religion, philosophy, ethics and technology.

I am also a writer of fiction, plays, and am a rather mediocre poet.

To be closer to a centre of Orthodox faith, I've been living in Russia since 2008, teaching English at St. Petersburg State University.

As man cannot live by aesthetics alone, I work as a translator, editor and voice recording specialist still maintaining interest by dealing with texts theology and the natural sciences.

My heart is in the highlands, desert, far north, family life, horses and mules.

Like all great examples of English style the foregoing ends with the word "mules".

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