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Editing, translation and preparation of articles and book­length manuscripts in the humanities (history, art ­history, philosophy, theology), natural sciences (mathematics, biology, geology, ecology), and creative writing (drama, screenplays, poetry).

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Customers' Reviews

Literary Translation:

Igor Burlov – Producer, Director, Ekran Films, LLC.

Walker is unbelievably talented and a pleasure to work with! Most importantly, he has a very creative approach. For example, on one occasion we were translating a sample of a screenplay for our European colleagues. A youth-oriented picture, it had to do with members of a sports team arriving at the airport of a rival city. The young lead used a typical Russian expression “Do you think they are going to greet you with bread and salt?”… I literally broke out laughing when I saw Walker’s version: “I don’t think they’ll be having a wet tshirt competition for us.”


Precisely translating the untranslatable – that was genius.

At the same time, when it comes to serious projects (a film about the Hermitage), Walker demonstrates a very serious and scientific approach.

I can with all confidence recommend Walker for creative work. With him you can always find not only a good co-worker, but also a friend and comrade-in-arms.

Editing/Proofing of Academic Publications:


O. L. Petrosian, PhD. – Department of Applied Mathematics and Control Systems, Associate Professor of Department of Mathematical Modelling of Energetic Systems

I would like to convey my gratitude to Walker Trimble for his assistance in the preparation, proofing and additional amendments to the texts of a large number of academic publications in English. These papers represent research in the very specialized field of differential game theory and control theory. Nonetheless, Walker Trimble was able to very quickly assimilate the subject matter and assisted to a very significant degree in the improvement of these proposed publications and their language in general. As a result, all of these papers were accepted for publication without any objections as to the quality of their English expression.

Margarita F. Filippova – Researcher, Psychology Department, St. Petersburg State University

I have often made use of the services of Walker Trimble and have had only finest impressions over our multi-year collaboration. I am very fond of Walker’s informal approach. Not only does he make very good and careful translations, but he is able to give pertinent commentary on the content of the text. He is a person with a broad perspective which approaches his subject with a great deal of interest. Should any problems related to a translation arise, he is always available and always ready to resolve them together in a timely manner.

No journal to which we have submitted Dr. Trimble’s translations has ever had any objections to the language.

Lyudmila Popova, PhD – Department of Economics, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

Over the last year I have had to enlist the assistance of a professional, English native, copy editor in the field of economics. At the advice of colleagues, I approached Walker Trimble and was very happily surprised with both the high quality of his editorial skills and with the seriousness with which he approaches his work. In both cases there were very strict time constraints for the submission of the final version of the article (on Russo-Chinese economic relations and import-export macroeconomics) to the respective journal’s editorial board. In each case, Walker took charge of the situation and completed editorial work in a short period of time, in no case did he string me along with missed deadlines. As a professional linguist, he adopts a very careful approach to his work, delving into the subject matter of the text in question, and offering not just an accurate English translation, but offering a literary and stylistic reworking so as to better present the content. One excellent advantage of Walker’s work is his ability to propose several different options for translating a difficult passage in order for the author to arrive at the one most suitable for his intentions. Certainly this approach has a positive effect on the overall quality of the submission. Such collaboration with a copy editor is one of the most positive I’ve had and I will, with no hesitation, seek out Walker’s assistance for further editing and advise his assistance to other colleagues.

Maria F. Shishova, PhD(doktor nauk) biology, Professor in the Faculty of Biology, Department of plant physiology and biochemistry, St. Petersburg State University

I first approached Dr. Walker Trimble in 2015 upon the recommendation of a colleague in the biology faculty. Since then Dr. Trimble has on several occasions come to the aid of my research group for copy editing for submission to the editorial boards of internationally-known journals in the field of plant biology. I must give due credit to Dr. Trimble’s careful attention to the original text. I think that our articles in the field of biology are not always easy for a person trained in linguistics to read or understand, but we never met with a single occasion of carelessness or superficial readings or amendments to the subject matter in our articles.

I would also like to take note of Dr. Trimble’s subtle sense of humour, which always lightens the workload!!!

I wish Dr. Trimble good fortune, interesting work, and more of it.

A.A. Stepikov, Senior Researcher, Herzen University

I would sincerely like to thank Walker for his assistance in editing four of my articles (2013-15) and an application for inclusion in the stipend programme of the European Institute of Advanced Qualification (2014). Three of the four articles were published in the series “Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence” by the Springer publishing house. The fourth will be published in the same series in 2015. (Text, Speech, and Dialogue: Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 8082, 2013, pp 426-433) As a philologist, I may say that Walker has solid philological experience and an excellent feeling for language, paying constant attention to conveying subtle nuances in translation. One must add that peer-reviewers have also drawn attention to the style of the submissions, which, without any reservation, is a credit to Walker’s assistance (“The article is well written and technically clear”, “This is the kind of proposal that is a pleasure to read; it is lucid and accessible to a scholar who is not directly working in this area”). I am confident that anyone who would approach Walker with such requests would not regret their decision.

Monographs / Textbooks:

Andrey N. Sobolev, PhD(hab., doktor nauk) – Institute of Linguistic Research, Russian Academy of Sciences; adjunct professor Marburg University.

I have known Dr. Walker Trimble for the past four years, after receiving a recommendation from a colleague. Dr. Trimble has been part of a long-term, multidisciplinary, multi-author investigation into the Balkan language area. His work involved translating, editing, proofreading, formatting and transliterating materials from a number of source languages, consolidating these materials and proofing them in English for a large monograph. I can fully attest to Dr. Trimble’s competencies in this field and his professional work attitude in accomplishing a complex task.

G. N. Belozerskiy – Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics), Professor, Institute of Earth Sciences, Department of Geoecology and Nature Management, St. Petersburg State University

I met Dr. Walker Trimble in 2011 at the Philological Faculty of our (St. Petersburg State) University. In the course of our conversations, he gave me a range of useful suggestions related to the composition of scientific texts in the English language. I should note that this work is not new to me. At that time I had also published a monograph in English under the Elsevier Publishing house and three chapters in a co-authored monograph published by Academic Press, not to speak of scores of articles in numerous international publications. Furthermore, discussions with him regarding the translation of scientific and instructional texts in English, their revision and editing was for me entirely helpful and beneficial.

Additionally, we examined several chapters of my new, English-language textbook: G.N. Belozerskiy MODERN APPROACHES IN ECOLOGY AND NATURE MANAGEMENT. The thermodynamic approach. ST. PETERSBURG, 2011. The textbook was created under the auspices of the “Joint Norwegian-Russian Master of Science program in Geoecological monitoring and rational use of natural resources in the Northern oil and gas production regions”. With pleasure, I incorporated all of his requests and recommendations. I would in all confidence wish Mr. Walker Trimble success in his business translating, editing and processing texts for publication.

Grant Application Assistance:

Sergei Mogirev – Procurement Economist, Korona Avto Ltd. St. Petersburg, Russia

Being my professor of English in St. Petersburg State Mr. Trimble assisted me in editing and advised in writing a proper Study Research Objectives and Statement of Purpose for Fulbright Scholarship. Prof. Trimble also kindly submitted a recommendation letter for me.

His expertise helped me to win a Fulbright Scholarship (in 2015). I was admitted to Iowa State University in the Master's program.

PS. Although I chose not to pursue the degree due to personal reasons, It was a very challenging and useful experience for me.

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