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Blog: Ixotl – aesthetics, theology, ecology

In autumn of 2018, I realized that twenty years of reading and work as disparate as ancient theories of language, theology, aesthetics, and psycholinguistics had been weaving themselves into a particular pattern of regularities. I've called this the "Logomorphic” hypothesis. Ixotl is so far the platform for speculation around the Logomorphic as other more official academic publications circle in.

imbed: https://ixotl.wordpress.com/

Breaking to lead

What rơle would the social play in a salient theory of consciousness?

Certainly social pressures are widely regarded as the best explanation for its evolution.

I maintain that signs, thoughts, movies in the brain, mental images, qualia do not exist independently of the social; determining the brain activity that corresponds to these phenomena will not arrive at a persuasive account of consciousness. Holding that such correspondence is an identity is a stumbling block to understanding: what we call, following Eleanor Gibson, Crypto-Platonism or Crypto-Cartesianism. Ixotl keeps a pattering dialogue with the main themes that shape this hypothesis in an unsystematic sequence. Surprisingly, this seems to involve patristic theology – ripeness of an age before the modern dissolution of noumenal essence.

Ixotl engages with cognitive science, aesthetics, philosophy, natural theology and, of late, theology of politics. These wanderings are ways for this author to flop his bulk around in a kiddie pool while more time is devoted to the rigorous work that fleshes this hypothesis out.

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